Lead & Enquiry Generation - Tips & Opportunities

June 19, 2020
Lead & Enquiry Generation - Tips & Opportunities

Business is entering a new phase as we work through Covid-19 and particularly the B2B industry needs to continue to monitor and revise their sales & marketing activities to stay ahead. Strategies executed in the past may have worked well, or not worked as well as hoped - regardless, the future holds some opportunities to do things differently while improving on strategies that work for your industry.

There are a number of opportunities to undertake that enhances lead generation, depending on your industry:

Strong Online Presence

This sounds simple, however the need to be discovered online is critical for all lead & enquiry generation. Website & Social Media are a given, however you also need to consider presence on digital platforms where your audience can be found. Industry sites or publications, Video channels, B2B marketplace sites, Business Networking sites and more.

Content Focus

The difference maker in generating leads - content is one of the most important aspects to engage your audience and bring them on the journey. As many B2B transactions require careful consideration and multiple stakeholders, content provides trust, experiences, clarity and comfort that a potential client needs. Educate your audience and allow them to engage with your brand and offering. The more accessible content is becoming, the more it is being consumed in the B2B world.

Webinars and Podcasts

Webinars and Podcasts are an increasingly effective channel to connect with your audience and gives you the ability to position as an industry/ thought leader that provides specific content your audience will connect with. With increased digital use, enhancing your digital footprint is more important than ever and particularly this is where any initial engagement is going to occur from in the near future.

Providing suitable educational content, involving partners or clients and using this content in longer form allows for multiple uses in the future. The longer "life cycle" of this content results in a more considered process of on-boarding a potential lead.

Use Video

Our attention spans ares getting shorter - our available time is less - this means video is simply best form of communication. Video gives life to your brand, allows you to showcase products or services and staff that can most impact a potential client. Use video for case studies, for story telling or to share information on your industry. As much of B2B content marketing is educational and informative, video is the most engaging form for this content which can envoke emotion, connection and understanding. This all favours lead generation.

Optimize Landing Pages and CTA

Less is more! Many web pages and particularly landing pages used in communications or campaigns have far too much content - too much text, too much to consume. Limit the content and be specific to your audience. Ensure clear Call-to-Actions (CTA) are in place so the potential customer knows the next steps. Make it easy for them to engage and you will have a greater chance of success.

As the B2B industry continues to rapidly change, strong businesses change with it. This requires creativity and thinking differently so that content supported by a carefully managed process will ensure success in your lead generation activities.

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