Welcome to The Melbourne Network - The Place for Business-to-Business

June 18, 2020
Welcome to The Melbourne Network - The Place for Business-to-Business

Welcome to The Melbourne Network!

The Place for Business-to-Business has arrived - a dedicated destination for the B2B Industry to connect, be discovered, access, sell, learn and more. The Melbourne Network is pleased to add the new digital marketplace as part of the membership offering that allows B2B brands to provide their products & services to a targeted B2B audience in Melbourne.

Our focus for members is on Connecting Business to Enhance Commerce, Access & Opportunity.

The marketplace allows B2B members to connect with each other in a controlled digital environment, provides a connected eco-system to sell any product or service, connects into CRM or Point of Sale Systems and provides members will full control of their offering on the marketplace, via their own private member account.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic in full swing, there are many B2B brands who re defining their businesses or doubling down on the opportunity this brings. For many, new ways of find customers and going to market are needed and as Albert Einstein once said "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

The Melbourne Network now provides not only a B2B distribution channel for members, it provides a targeted B2B channel for promotions, offers and information as part of any brands content marketing strategies.


Supported by The Melbourne Network's team of Account Managers, direct business introductions provide a support for members during a difficult period.

The tailored event program now consists of digital content via the soon to be released Virtual Business Series, as well as smaller connecting events as business development activities.

It is a time to come together in business and the new Place for Business-to-Business is here to stay.


To discuss how The Melbourne Network can support you and your business please contact us on 1800 848 782 or email info@themelbournetwork.com.au